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Rebecca Donnelly Lic. Ac.

From the moment I met Joy I felt seen in a way that most people aren't able to do. I didn't realize that her medium for seeing deeply was through her painting and color.

When she presented my color portrait painting I had such a visceral response and very strong sensations throughout my body, hard to describe! And then I felt tears. It is an incredible feeling to see yourself in a way you never imagined. The painting was sparkling and glowing and the colors couldn't be more different than what I expected. I felt something new inside myself! In addition to receiving the painting Joy did a very thorough reading of my energy and my current life path with very specific ways to enhance my life. That was also completely unexpected. I feel like the painting marks a changing point for me to begin to live more fully. And the painting is a reminder of my highest potential.

It now hangs in my bedroom. I stand by it and soak it up after I get dressed and am ready to do my day. I look at it at night before I fall asleep. I love that it is a gift I will always have to comfort me and remind me of my gifts and my beauty and my potential.

I am deeply grateful!!

Katy Bray, Nia Instructor at Eight Elements West and Chief Empowering Officer at Katy Bray - The Sense Ability Coach, San Diego, CA

"I have placed my portrait on the wall beside my bed. I can feel it reaching out at me at night and healing me. My dreams have shifted since I hung the portrait there. I can feel the layers of me being peeled back on a deeper level during my sleep and as I meditate and use it as a Mandala.

"It's amazing colors feel like home to me. I feel like I could get lost in this angelic gift. My daughter is very attached to her portrait. At seven years old she feels the portraits penetrating healing, it's depth. She stairs at it as she falls asleep at night. She feels the angels lulling her to sleep with the colors."

Arlene Raven, Ph.D., Art Historian, Art Critic, New York, NY

"I have always felt that my true environment is water rather than air. Not only my astrological sign, but my life long romance with being in the water makes me most at home in this more viscous medium. Joy has painted her entire picture of my energy field in this rolling soothing symphony of blue. Her shapes are also a reminder of the female torso as the matter of earth and especially the pelvis, the site and first home of all people. This painting is a truer portrait of my essential being than any exterior likeness of my face of form."

The late Arlene Raven was an art historian who published nine books on contemporary art and wrote criticism for the Village Voice and a variety of publications.

Betsey Gilbert, CMT Specialist in Deep Tissue Massage and Cranio-sacral Therapy

"There are some experiences and relationships that are beyond words. As I write about my experience with my chordance portrait I feel in some ways that I am creating words for the unspeakable. The transformation and evolution that has occurred in my "relationship" with the portrait has been very profound.

"The portrait seemingly changes and reflects my heart. The painting evoked tears of grief as I recognized parts of myself that had been dismissed. The painting brought waves of understanding and compassion for the parts that I found unlovable. The painting has brought fresh hope and joy when it showed me that I am whole and blossoming.

"Joy is a truly gifted painter. Joy has painted gratitude. Joy has painted me a treasure."

Kathy MacLeod. RN, MSN, Reiki Master/Teacher

"My Picture gives me comfort. The Colors soothe me and I enjoy seeing the hidden Colors as they reveal themselves to me. I feel protected and special whenever I look at it."

Patrick Wanis Ph.D, Life Coach, Human Behaviour Export, Clinical Hypnotherapist

"My greatest joy and pleasure comes from asking people to tell me what they see and feel when they look at the painting. After they describe their perception and the emotions it evokes, I reveal: 'You just described me; that is an energy portrait of me' and they smile enthusiastically and reply with 'Yes!'"

Michael Nicholas, Conceptual Artist

"There is a rare occurrence in the affairs of man when a voice filled with love and information cuts through the clichés and conventions and offers a fresh and inspired message. Of course it takes someone of special intuition and one who pays close attention to that clarion call from within and then with the faith and trust required, to bring forth the information. Joy DiMenna is such a person and the message she brings resonates clearly, passionately, and in a unique manner that is sure to awaken an awareness."

Joan Gugerty, Nutritional Consultant

"I love my Wings of Color Custom Portrait. It reminds me that my life is flowing and alive with light. It makes me want to dance!"

Dr. Debra Epard, Chiropractor

"Blue Angel captures the sublime, ethereal and fluid nature of my essence balanced by the quiet power of an ever-present body. it is both of the world and of the spirit."

Meagan Lopez

"My painting 'speaks' to me and constantly reminds me of God's presence. Thank you."

Kristin Kolbrish

"Whenever I begin to think negative thoughts, I look at the Custom Portrait that Joy painted for me and I instantly start to feel healed. I can't begin to describe the effects it has on me because it obviously comes from a place that is beyond our physical world, but all I know is that since that energy portrait has been brought into my life, I have fallen in love, I have changed careers, and am moving to Europe where I have always wanted to live. It has brought a healing energy into my life that I well needed, and if all these good things have happened because of the portrait, then I am eternally grateful. I hang it right next to my door so that before I leave my home, I take that healing energy with me."

Shirley Burke

"When I look at my painting, I'm reminded of the light and beauty inside me."

Candy Danzis, Angel Communicator, O.M., R.M.

"My Portrait makes my heart sing each time I look at it. It's like a light in my Angel room that feels like a familiar friend. Color is an amazing thing and you my friend have the gift and privilege of using it in your life purpose. Keep giving Color to the world. You are healing the world one painting at a time."

Judy Vennes, Massage Therapist

"I sit and stare at my beautiful custom portrait every day and I love it! I am in awe that you created such a beautiful work of art from what you see surrounding me — my energy! It is important work that you are doing and your gift is showing people the beauty that is them! What greater gift, I don't know."

Diane Willis, Ph.D. Healing Arts Practitioner Catonsville, MD

"Joy is a mirror for the Soul. I can't stop looking at my custom painting and smiling. The more I look at it: the richer it becomes — the shades and textures of the curving colors. It does soothe and validate my spirit. As I look around my home, I see the colors of the painting represented in many ways. What a delightful realization of how I have been surrounding myself with things that resonate with the colors of my energy essence. My spirit soars when I look at my painting."

Sally Worm

"When I saw my energy portrait I felt very calm and at peace. I knew it showed the energy I share with others in the outward spirals, also the inward spirals showing the need to feed my soul.

"This portrait shows a lot of motion and change. That is what I love about life, constant change. My favorite part is the accent color of yellow which to me represents my "keep them guessing" attitude. You never know what will be my next move and neither do I. But light and love are always shining through."

Danielle Lin, Radio Talk Show Host

"Ms. DiMenna's work is part of the emerging culture of healing art. She has a rare and special capacity to translate a healing vibration in the movement of her paintings; capturing the dynamic frequencies of the individual's own energy. By the very nature of observation, this unique art form reflects back to the receiver a frequency that results in an increase in self-awareness. The highly personalized art creates a healing effect and therefore a shift in consciousness. Truly an unusual gift."

Creator and host of the nationally syndicated talk radio program, It's All About Life!




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