A Moment of Choice

Soft Mountain

It was the middle of the night and I just couldn’t sleep. I gave it my best shot too. I went through the beautiful ritual I repeat morning and night. I visualized my desires, feeling them deeply. Then with my eyes closed, deep blue, bright purple and emerald green lights, swept down, entering my body, cleansing my every cell, every particle of my being. It was exquisite!

Then, I still couldn’t sleep! I tossed and turned and began to feel concern thinking – I really need my rest! And so, the chatter began. I was caught in the trappings of my mind running the show with survival, fear and aimless drifting, like a ship at sea without a captain.

STOP! I said to myself. What are you doing? Then I heard the familiar loving whispers from the Colors. Whispers I welcome with all my heart. “Get your pen, get your paper, get your pen, get your paper.” And so I followed their direction..

Here is what I received.

“What is it dear child you are seeking to understand? Why are you so tense? Perhaps if you released these concerns, your light from within will blast through your discomfort. Dear one it is time to choose. For within each situation, there is always a Moment of Choice. What to do, what to say, how to think, what to hear, how to feel.

It is at this point of choice where the observer – that deep soulful part of you, yearning to fulfill your purpose, surfaces to rescue you from your lower self – that smaller and more expedient aspect of your human experience. When you allow your Soul to direct your choice, your body relaxes in the process and your lower energies are soothed becoming quiet and calm. No more jibber jabber from your mind. Your thoughts are now those of your Soul’s.

We do not mean to be disrespectful when we say once again my child, it is paramount to relax. This is THE only way to create the conditions for your field of attraction to emanate the necessary charge that pulls you toward your most precious treasures, the treasure of fulfilling your hearts desire”.

I am grateful for the Color’s reminding me every moment we are awake, there are many choices to make. From getting out of bed, to the clothes we wear, foods we eat, exercise, decisions about work, involvement with family and friends, nurturing our interests. We make hundreds if not thousands of choices each day, including what we choose to think about when going to bed!

Choosing to release my concerns and allowing my Soul to soothe and guide me, are moments of choice I welcome. For like MAGIC when I do, wha-la, the next thing I know it’s morning.

Time for another moment of choice!

The Power of Observation

The four guiding Colors of Intuition

I’ve always loved being a people watcher, observing them at parties, at family gatherings, at the beach, driving their cars and in stores. Sadly, so many people seem unhappy or burdened as they go through their day. It feels natural for me to offer a smile or a compliment … to acknowledge the beauty I see in them. It’s very rewarding to see their eyes light up from being acknowledged.

Lately, I have been observing myself. Along with that, came what I judged to be …  Continue reading

Welcome to Messages From Color

Joy DiMenna Emissary of Color

Welcome to “Color Whispers” the portal to the Divine Realm of Color. As Color’s Emissary, I am delighted to bring your attention to the astounding notion, “Color is Alive”.

Holding integrity and infused with intention, Color relays vital information at all times. This inter-dimensional spectral voice is a powerful ally to help us remember who we are, and why we are here. Our individual Divine Chordance, the unique blend of Colors aligned with our agreements, soul contracts, and purpose, resonates with a Celestial Chime activating our magnetic field. 

Within this portal are Color’s messages brought to you in words and images. Please, take a few moments and delve into Color’s realm. Relax into your own remembering. Open yourself to the wonder of Color’s grace, messages from Color.

In Loving Color,
Joy DiMenna