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Joy DiMennaIlluminating The Colors of The Soul

My work is rooted in beauty and spirituality, with the intention of bringing a deep emotional transformational experience to the viewer through Colors’ energetic vitality, intelligence and ascending frequencies.

By exploring my own inner world, what previously seemed mysterious and unknown, becomes clear with color, form and purpose. When working I become absorbed in a transcendent state where a harmony of reality becomes visible. I can see, hear, and sense Light and Color flowing with purposeful intention, be it for my own development or for the benefit of someone else. Trusting my intuition, I cast what is revealed to me onto my canvas. Calm, living, ripples of supportive energy are released through my brush.

There is a musical quality and rhythm to the Colors I see, a vibrational harmonic, a chime of celestial nature that ignites and awakens information held within the heart. In this state of consciousness, I, through my paint and brush, become a witness and conveyer of a deep intelligence. These magical, mystical fields of Color, create and illuminate their own path, and I am their willing Emissary.

My art is not tied to any political or social movement or attempts to satisfy my own ego’s interest in self aggrandizement, or ride the bandwagon of any new age rhetoric. In the spirit of the Transcendental Painting Group from Taos, New Mexico in the 1930’s, and Wassily Kandinsky’s overriding influence on them, my quest, is to reveal an inner landscape and express the nature of my experiences. My style departs from any geometric exactitude, however in Kandinsky’s words,

“ The true work of art is born from the ‘artist’: a mysterious, enigmatic, and mystical creation. It detaches itself from him, it acquires an autonomous life, becomes a personality, an independent subject, animated with a spiritual breath, the living subject of a real existence of being.” ... “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.”

The only real beauty is the love and serendipity of our own inner quest or that which inspires that feeling. The purpose of my work, is to allow the vibrational frequencies of the Colors, to resonate within the viewer at some level, igniting memory and understanding of their deeper nature, revealing spiritual truths. This demands loosing preconceived notions of some intellectual meaning in the painting and allowing oneself to FEEL, opening up new possibilities to experience ones own inner dance.

I believe that my works message and essence is best summed up by the late Arlene Raven, Ph.D., art critic and historian:

“I have always felt that my true environment is water rather than air. Not only my astrological sign, but my life long romance with being in the water makes me most at home in this more viscous medium. Joy has painted her entire picture of my energy field in this rolling soothing symphony of blue. Her shapes are also a reminder of the female torso as the matter of earth and especially the pelvis, the site and first home of all people. This painting is a truer portrait of my essential being than any exterior likeness of my face of form.”

Joy Di Menna 2020


My ongoing commissioned Custom Portraits in oil are the interpretation of an individual’s relationship to Color. These Portraits emerge spontaneously and I become the conduit capturing the essence, Color, and shape of my subject. The painting process for me is very fluid and time passes without notice. Layers upon layers of Color and light flow, as beauty and love surround.

My First Series “The Goddess Collection,” (1995) was created when I filled my studio with the deeply moving music of "The Goddess, Ancient Mother” and primal Native American compositions. Symbols from Nature intertwined with Humanity emerged via powerful, purposeful strokes of Color. Through tears of humility, I recognized the Goddesses presence as I captures their essence on canvas.

"China Dolls," (2000) my second series, was painted with human hair brushes from China, gifts from a dear friend. The series is reminiscent of the psychedelic forms of the nineteen-sixties. These works are in two colors and figures are prominent, as in "Humans in Nature," however the figures disguise themselves within the paintings.

My current series, entitled "Calibrations — My Promise," is about healing our emotions, continuing the ancient tradition of the therapeutic use of Color. This series fulfills the "Promise" I made to my deeply cherished cousin, the late Arlene Raven, noted Art Historian, Author, and Critic. It is to her lasting memory I dedicate this new series.


2020-2007 - "Calibrations - My Promise" series
2020-2010 – Custom Portrait Work
Insights about Color for Gather Insight
Individualized painting classes
Private color consultations
2009 – Book publication December 2009 - In Loving Color – Color Whispers To Ignite Your Sacred Memory
2009 – Commissioned Custom Portraits (6 canvases)
2008-2006 – Commissioned Custom Portraits (20 canvases)
2009-2007 – "Calibrations – My Promise" series.
Ten 60"x 60" oils (4 complete)


2020-2006 – Private showings in my studio/gallery focused on my commissions
2017-2018 Tucson Open Studio Tour, Tucson, AZ
2005 – Buckaroo Ball Exhibit and Auction, Santa Fe, NM
2005 –YMCA Santa Fe Terry Dunn Memorial Golf Classic , Santa Fe, NM
2001 – Berlin, MD, Fitzpatrick Design Studio
2001 Solo – Unicorn Gallery and Studio, Fells Point, MD
2001 Solo – The Fells Point Corner Theatre, Baltimore, MD, “What Do You See?”
2000 Solo – Boehringer Gallery, Hobe Sound, Florida
1999 – Paris, France, International Invitational, Gallery Façade, “Art And Its Experimental Character At The End Of The 20th Century.” Only American artist to exhibit at this show
1999 – Lugano, Switzerland, B&B Fine Art Gallery
1999 – Baltimore, MD, MAP, “Out of Order”
1998 – Geneva, Switzerland, Europ’ART
1998 – NYC, New York, Art Expo
1998 – Mannheim, Germany, Gallery Dr. Bohner
1998 – Mt. Vernon, Baltimore, MD, Fair Winds


MICA - Painting, continuing studies
Notre Dame - Painting, continuing studies
Baltimore Art Institute - commercial art degree
Maryland Fine Arts Academy - charcoal/pastel, old masters

Personal Teachers and Mentors:

Baba Ram Das - Mystic and spiritual teacher, Swami Muktananda - Hindu Siddha Yoga Master, Arnold Seigel - The Conversation Towards Autonomy, Stan Adrezeski - Iyanga Yoga, Dr. George DeSau - Changing Limiting Beliefs, Tony Silva - The Silva Method, Sonia Choquette - Six Sensory Teacher, Candy Danzis - Angel Communicator and Reiki Master, Amaru Li - Peruvian Shaman, Dr. Lindsey Daniels - Psychologist and Shaman, Arlene Raven - Art Critic, Historian and writer

Additional Coursework:

Werner Erhard, Dr. David Hawkins, T. Harv Eker, Christopher Howard, Crystal Andrus, Doreen Virtue, Abraham-Hicks, Emotional Freedom Technique, Chakra Energy Balancing, Michael Lozier, Greg Braden, Louise Hay, Eckart Tolle, Nia Dance White Belt, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Kabbalah


  • 1997 -Silver Metal Winner, “Most Talented International Artists” competition by Art Addiction Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden


  • 1999 -Art And Its Experimental Character At The End OjThe 20th Century, Kunstler Management and Publications, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 1998 -The New Artist No. 2, Tiger International Corporation, Artist Management & Publications. London & Hong Kong
  • 1997 -The New Artist, Tiger International Corporation, Artist Management & Publications London & Hong Kong


  • 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 - Featured guest on Color for Janet Conner’s class "Plug In For Expressive Souls"
  • 2011 - "Towson Artist Downloads The Universe", TowsonPatch, written by Joanna Franklin Bell
  • 2008 - Featured guest "Live With The Lights On" Internet Radio Program with Katy Manna
  • 1997 - Lawson Walsh, Ruth, "Celebrating A Winner In Our Midst", The Baltimore Messenger, Baltimore, MD
  • 1995 - Schoettler, Carl, "A Perfect Blend", The Sun Paper, Baltimore, MD





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