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The Goddess Collection

These paintings evolved during a time when I filled my studio with the deeply moving music of "The Goddess Ancient Mother" and primal Native American compositions. Symbols from Nature intertwined with Humanity emerged, via powerful, purposeful strokes of Color. Through tears of humility, I recognized the Goddesses' presence as I captured their essence on canvas.


Goddess Collection - Perennial LandscapeGoddess Collection - Ancient Spirits SleepingGoddess Collection - Hot Chili Peppers
Goddess Collection - Valley of CreationGoddess Collection - Perennial LandscapeGoddess Collection - Purple Beauty
Goddess Collection - Soft MountainGoddess Collection - Blue AngelNancy


The Heart Signature Collection

I am often asked to capture the innermost Essence of an individual, couple, animal or organization, in the resplendence of Color and light. These Chordance Portraits in oils, manifest one's ascending energies, a Color spectrum exclusive to them, and a symphony reflecting uplifting celestial radiance to enhance the collective.


The Heart Signature Collection - KatyThe Heart Signature Collection - SallyThe Heart Signature Collection - Rainbow
The Heart Signature Collection - Mya The Heart Signature Collection - SusanThe Heart Signature Collection - Brayden
The Heart Signature Collection - Matthew


Illuminations Wings of Color Cards

Illuminations Wings of Color Cards

Four Clairs Poster

The Four Chairs Poster





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